Consulting with individuals and organizations is another important service we offer. The following are examples of consultation seminars we have offered in the past. We are always open to developing content for new presentations.

Consultation topics 

ADHD and Substance Abuse

Codependency What It Is and What It Is Not

Adult Children of Substance Abusers and Mentally Ill - Life Complications of Growing up in a Dysfunctional Home

Understanding Mental Illness 

Harm Reduction Approach for the Treatment of Alcohol Problems

Reducing Your Alcohol Use

Assessing Substance Use Disorders on a Continuum

Postpartum Depression Prevention

Identifying Mothers at Risk for Postpartum Depression After Labor and Delivery in a Hospital Setting

Healthier and Happier Life -Stress Management

When Anxiety Becomes a Disorder

Identifying Employees Struggling with Mental Illness and How to Assist

Why College Campuses Should Take Steps to Improve Counseling Services for Incoming Freshmen
Co-occurring Diagnoses

How to Identify and Treat the Individual with a Mental Health and Substance Abuse Problem in an Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center
How to Help My Spouse or Child Transition Home from Treatment

Intervention - Motivating Your Loved One Towards Positive Change

The Impaired Employee - How to Confront and Assist


Organizational Mental Health is a fast-growing necessity for all agencies. All corporations and agencies can benefit from an evaluation, assessment, and recommendations on how to improve the work environment. Examples of organizations we may assist are: mental health agencies, addiction treatment centers, technology companies, engineering agencies, marketing agencies, hospitals, and medical offices. Ask yourself the following questions:

Are you inspiring your employees to be the best they can be?

Is your organization fostering creativity and innovation?

Do you provide a forum whereby your employees contribute to your organizational goals?
Have you noticed your productivity declining?

How to have your employees work more efficient?

Are your employees burntout and are you wondering how to change the culture?

Inspiring positive change is our ultimate goal.

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