Couples Therapy

How is our couples therapy unique?

In our couples therapy intensive, the therapist will understand your differences as a couple and as unique individuals.

How often do I have to attend?

The treatment is 5 weeks or longer, depending on the problems to be resolved. There are 3 sessions a week scheduled. Each individual will be seen individually once a week, as well as together as a couple once a week. Each session is 60 minutes. We also provide couples therapy one time a week with sessions lasting 60 to 90 minutes. Typically one time a week couples therapy will average 10 to 12 weeks to improve communication.

Why do we have to meet three times a week?

The biggest problem in a relationship is often communication. If you are experiencing communication difficulties, how will you improve these communicate difficulties by meeting only one hour a week together? Each individual session has a goal of figuring out what information you want to communicate during your couples time, and looking at what barriers have prevented communication in the past.

We also provide couples therapy one time a week.

Are the details of our individual session communicated to my partner?

Confidentiality will apply to the information communicated during individual time. The “no secrets policy” that you often hear about with couples therapists does not apply here. Ultimately, it is the therapist's job to help the individual determine what is in the best interest of their relationship. During your individual time, you will have the opportunity to sort out these difficulties.What sorts of problems does your intensive couples treatment help with?

Infidelity does not always have to be the end of a relationship. It could be a start of a new beginning.
Parenting and Co-parenting difficulties.

Lack of sexual, emotional and physical intimacy.

Addiction complexities interfering with relationship.

Recovering sexual intimacy that has been lost for many years in a relationship.

Mental health complexities interfering with the relationship.

Values differences.

Financial problems.

Mid-life crises and identity crisis of one or both individuals.

Workaholism and effects on a relationship.

Divorce – often some intensive work before divorce will help both individuals leave the relationship feeling better about themselves and the journey ahead of them.

How do we get started?

Please complete the visitor feedback form below to request services. Make sure to enter Couples Intensive for the service you are requesting. Consult each other on your schedules and be prepared to provide a range of days and times each of you are available to attend therapy one time weekly or three times weekly.

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